Do You Know How To Cook Morel Mushrooms? Let’s Find Out!

Mushrooms typically remiand many people of autumn. Just like peas, fiddlehead, and asparagus; morels are also a spring harbinger. Morels are highly nutritious and easy to cook. You just need to follow the right recipe to enjoy delicious morels. So, make sure to get the fresh dry and firm mushrooms; avoid shriveled, desiccated, wet, spongy, and soft mushrooms. Moreover, don’t take a large mushroom because these are the older mushrooms and they start breaking down when cooked. Therefore, smaller morels are always a safe bet; they are easy to cook and taste delicious.

Now, we are going to show you the best way to cook morels. So, make sure to be with us till the end and make your Spring great with deliciously cooked moresl in your home.

Things You Require to Cook Morels:

– Get small, fresh, dry, and firm Morels.
– Get cooking oil or Extra virgin olive oil.
– Get fresh garlic and onions
– Butter
– Frypan and Sharp knife for cutting.

1. Pick Best Morels:

If you want to enjoy the real taste of morels, then you must know how to select the best one. While picking the morels, you must check the following things:

– Morels must be small, dry, and firm.
– It must not be too moise (Overly moist morels turn into a spongier texture after cooking).
– It must be free from bugs.

Make sure that if you are picking morels from the wild, then you must know the similarity between the poisonous and real ones because they both may seem similar to each other. Well, if you want to identify the real morel, then cut it down, and you’ll see it is hollow inside. However, in a poisonous mushroom, you won’t find any hollow part. So, keep this difference in mind.

2. Clean and Rinse the Morels:

Now, the second step before cooking your morel mushroom is to clean and rinse them. Use a fine-toothed comb or a brush and clean all the dirt particles and any bugs that stick to it. After cleaning debris and bugs, wash morels with cold water to remove any remaining dirt. Make sure to rinse it off for just a few seconds to maintain its texture.

Well, you might be thinking of how stressful it is to clean morel mushrooms, but let me assure you that you only need to follow this procedure when you pick morels in the wild. If you purchase the morels from the shop, then you will get them already cleaned. However, buying morels is quite more expensive than picking them in the wild. Also, wild-picked mushrooms are guaranteed fresh, so it will make you feel good while eating.

3. Cut the Morels:

Before we get ready to cook the morels, the third step is to cut them. So, take a sharp knife and cut the hard stem first. Then cut the morels as close to the body as you can and make pieces the way you like to eat.

4. Cook Morels:

We are just one step away from getting our delicious mushrooms. Now, take out your frypan and turn on stoke and heat the oil. Put mushrooms in a frying pan and let it cook for several minutes. Make sure to keep an eye on it, so it doesn’t burn. A few minutes later, if the mushroom color is changed into brown, then add garlic, onion, and butter, then mix it and let it cook for few more minutes. Your delicious morel mushrooms are ready to eat; you can add them in any other dish, or you can eat them just as they are.


The mentioned above cooking recipe of morel mushrooms is one the easiest recipes available on the internet. Just follow it step by step and eat your delicious and nutritious morel mushrooms.