Iced Coffee Vs. Cold Brew: What’s The Difference.

Now you can get the refreshing, cold coffee taste one of two main ways: iced coffee versus cold brew. Today, we’ll talk about the differences between each and help you determine which one you might prefer. Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is exactly as it sounds coffee that’s iced. The first known case of iced coffee was created in Algeria and known as mazagran, which may also contain lemon, mint, and rum depending on where in the world you’re enjoying it.

Cappuccino: The Italian Coffee Delight

The cappuccino drink is thought to have origininated in Vienna, however, their version of the cappuccino or locally known to the Viennese as Kapuziner is a mix of brewed coffee mixed with spices and topped with whipped cream. Regardless of the origin, cappuccino is on the menu of every coffee shop as one of the most popular coffee drink.

Origins of the cappuccino The name cappuccino came from an odd origin.

For the Love of Kitchens


So you want to upgrade your kitchen or you are moving to a new one and you just don’t know which equipment you should get. Well there are certain factors that come into play. The sooner you know the factors, the sooner you know what to get for your kitchen.

Size of equipment

The first thing that you have to consider is the size of the equipment that you will buy.